President Speech

13 / / 2021
Speech of University President


     In the name of Allah the Most Gracious the Most Merciful. Praise be to Allah Who is not to be praised for anything other than Him and may blessings and peace be upon Muhammad, His Messenger and upon his family, the bearers of his knowledge and loyalty, and upon his companions and those who are loyal to him.

    Honorable Ladies and Gentlemen who are visiting Al-Zahraa University for Women Website... peace be upon you all.

       Al-Zahraa University for Women is a scientific, developmental, and not profitable project, as it was adopted by the General Secretariat of the Husseini Holy Shrine on the premise that faith and knowledge are two basic sources for the individual to reach a land of safety.

     This project was launched as an idea by His Excellency the former Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research (Prof. Dr. Abdul-Razzaq Al-Issa), and then a plant was planted in 2018 by His Eminence, the Shari'a Custodian of the General Secretariat of the Holy Husseini Shrine (Sheikh Abdul-Mahdi Al-Karbalai) (May Allah prolong his glory) believing that university academic education is a true partner of the holy institution in bearing the responsibility of building the intellectual and moral systems of society, especially building them with the women whom Allah Almighty has loved for the upbringing of generations and the task of making men, and in fulfillment of the contents of the principles and values of   the Husseini message of building the human being. The university was established on the basis of preparing feminist energies capable of bringing about quantitative and qualitative changes in the scientific, educational and cultural movement, as mentioned in the university's vision, message and goals.

     The university started with three colleges, which varied in their fields of scientific and human studies.  They are: (education, pharmacy, health and medical technologies) and according to the license to establish it by Ministerial Decree No. (TA / K21890) on 6/12/2018. 

       It was considered the first academic educational institution at the university level affiliated to the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research specialized for Women at the governmental and private education level in Iraq, without denying the existence of female colleges in various Iraqi government universities.

     It is worth noting that the university made its educational path by receiving female students in the year (2019) and began studying there despite the chaos that prevailed in the country - in October of the aforementioned year - through social media and the force of tendentious media escalation and the calls for disrupting the study and obstructing it by various means.  So there was determination and steadfastness of the university’s members as a whole and the continuous efforts of the presidency, the media of the university and the members of the teaching staff represented by intensifying the awareness aspect in explaining the importance of science and its heavenly position in the Quran and the noble prophetic hadiths and the sayings of Ahlul Bait (may Allah’s prayers and peace be upon them) by organizing guidance programs and weekly stops for university students that we have called ((the stance of a nation)) which is in harmony with the directions of the rational authority and in response to its reform call for peaceful demonstrations. This has created the spirit of interaction among our students and the insistence on obtaining knowledge.

       With great grace from Allah Almighty and through vigorous efforts between the Higher Education Department at the Holy Husseini Shrine and the university administration and its teaching structures, the university took a space of distinction and uniqueness regularly between governmental and private universities in which scientific communication lagged behind at the level of the central Euphrates and southern Iraq.

      Al-Zahraa University witnessed a commitment to enroll female students in the study seats and not to be interrupted by learning in the classroom, as the educational process for the first semester of the first level continued with the grace of Allah Almighty and with great efforts and sincerity of the university members.  

     In fact, the areas of ambition for the university administration do not stop at one side or the other, but rather extend until the university occupies - with the solidarity of hands- the optimal space in the higher education system between the most prestigious universities, scientifically, academically and administratively, as it aspires to imprint the embodiment of the curriculum of the institution sponsoring the university with all its intellectual and faith details to achieve the desired educational and professional excellence, and to advance knowledge by adopting quality standards and sobriety and bringing about qualitative change according to a studied methodology and through the implementation of the government program in which the directions of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research and its vision to enter into the national and global academic rankings and to gain recognition of the recognized academic identity on the regional and global levels.

    In conclusion, we extend our thanks and appreciation for all the efforts made by the Higher Education Department of the General Secretariat of the Holy Husseini Shrine and the scientific, administrative and technical staff at the university to serve this institution. We ask Allah Almighty to guide our steps by word and deed and to reconcile everyone to serve our country, our religion and all humankind. And our last prayer is that praise be to Allah, Lord of the world and peace be upon you, and may Allah’s mercy and blessings be upon you.


 Prof. Dr. Zainab Al-Mulla Al-Sultani

 University President