13 / / 2021
Al-Zahraa (pbuh) University for Women: The University’s Goals and Mission


Vision:  There is one vision behind everything we do and i.e., is excellence in learning, scientific research and community service.


The message:  Al-Zahra University (peace be upon her) for women seeks to contribute to the formation of the ideal student personality in alignment with the message of the General Secretariat of the Hussainiya Holy Shrine, by bringing about a positive change in the students’ behavior and attitudes through the development of learning, teaching and training activities within the framework of a clear strategy and an authentic Islamic orientation. With the aim of excellence in learning and keeping pace with scientific and technological development; To achieve the highest level of satisfaction with the educational scientific outputs.


Aims and Objectives:

Al-Zahra University (peace be upon her) for women aims to achieve its vision and mission through the following objectives:

1. Consolidating moral and religious values ​​among university staff and students by activating the role of guidance and direction, as well as developing cognitive, scientific and practical capabilities.

2. Enhancing the scientific status of the university among the academic and scientific community by developing the educational system with its three components (teaching, curriculum, and student) in order to achieve the university’s ultimate vision.

3. Improving the institutional capacity of the university by providing administrative and financial services in accordance with the predefined standards of quality and efficiency.


4. Increasing the academic research balance by doing qualitative research to achieve the strategic goals of the university.

5. Achieving scientific excellence to meet the country's research needs in accordance with academic and institutional accreditation standards.

6. Advance scientific reality through the qualification and development of educational outcomes by following the latest scientific programs and cognitive approach in teaching techniques.

7. Providing state institutions and scientific centers with qualified researchers in the fields of health, medical and educational sciences, in a way that fulfills the requirements of the labor market.

8. Working on developing the university's academic staff through training and research participation, by opening up prospects for cooperation with educational institutions at the local, regional and global levels.

9. Adopting the principle of blending local competence with foreign sobriety through concluding international scientific agreements with solid universities.

10. Improving the capabilities of the teaching staff and developing their skills in scientific research and innovation by providing educational programs with high technology.

11. Enhancing the role of Al-Zahra University (peace be upon her) for women in transferring knowledge, skills and health culture to serve the community.

12. Follow up on the university's output of female students and support them in the post-graduation stage.


University values:

Professional and ethical commitment

Proficiency and expertise