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The College of Pharmacy at Al-Zahra University (peace be upon her) for Women witnessed the installation, activation and development of the electronic correction system (Remark), which facilitates the correction of paper tests, by the Future Company for Information Technology and Electronics, the official distributor of the company (remark) specialized in electronic correction programs in Iraq and managed by Engineer Ali Karim Kamal, as the latest version, remark office OMR11.1, has been implemented, and it is the only program that has the trust of the Supreme Council of Universities.
The Remark program is characterized by speed and extreme accuracy, as it helps university electronic correction officials to avoid human errors completely while correcting tests and monitoring grades, in addition to providing all the necessary reports to facilitate educational institutions obtaining international accreditations, including reports measuring the level of student performance at the level of each question. or at the entire test level.
One of the most important advantages of Remark Office is that it is compatible with most brands of traditional scanners, and thus educational institutions are not required to purchase certain types of expensive scanners.
It is worth noting that Remark Office provides the possibility of linking test questions to the extent to which learning goals are achieved in order to measure the efficiency of test questions and their ability to achieve these goals, which helps in improving the quality of tests in the future.